Fort and Manlé

Fort and Manlé

Fort & Manlé is a Maison de Parfum whose philosophy is to continually create individualistic, eclectic and often eccentric handcrafted, luxury perfume.

Fort & Manlé is an independent, artisanal perfume house which is founded and wholly owned by the perfumer, Rasei Fort. The House is an amalgamation of minds, ideas, ideals and spirit.

In an attempt to strive for scent perfection, using predominantly the most refined and exquisite naturals, botanicals and absolutes, the perfumer aims to transport the user, whisking them away on a sumptuous, olfactive journey to the most exotic locales on the planet, to be truly enveloped by naturally authentic and vivid scent.

Not being deterred by the exorbitant costs of the finest natural raw materials, at Fort & Manlé, the perfumer adheres to using the most refined and precious natural extracts rather than substituting them with inexpensive and artificial, synthetic molecules, which have become so prevalent within the industry.

Obsessive in his approach, Rasei meticulously blends artisanal oils, extracts and the finest Oudh in existence. The result speaks for itself, truly enhancing the fragrance, coupled with sprinklings of the most effective aroma molecules.

As a self-taught perfumer, Rasei continually references and cultivate pop-culture, history and varied cultures, including his own rich, Turkish heritage by scouring the world for the finest raw materials and combining them with his inspirations, evoking the pomp and pageantry of the Empires of old.

This has resulted in the creation of luxurious compositions which combine the modern with ‘Old-World’ sensibilities.

Peony is proud to support Rasei and Fort & Manle.

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