Urban Apothecary London

Urban Apothecary London

Urban Apothecary London candles are carefully crafted at our own candle factory in Leicestershire, England. The team of expert artisans cast their watchful eyes over every stage of proceedings. Each and every candle is made to a secret recipe, a precise blend of high quantities of fragrance with wax and wick. Together this trio of specialists, once in perfect harmony, ensure the finished piece burns slowly and evenly while delivering a rich release of scent.

We take a natural approach where possible. That’s why we chose soy wax and cotton wicks from the very beginning. Soy wax also provides a great fragrance ‘throw’, infusing the air with trails of delicious scent quickly and consistently. Even though we quickly established the type of wick, thousands were reviewed and just the best selected. With each different fragrance a new match must be found, so that every individual candle reaches its potential.

The entire production process is labour intensive and begins with our artisans stirring the hot wax with the fragrance oil for an even distribution. The resulting mixture is hand-poured into waiting candle jars with wicks already attached in the base.

As the cooling process starts, only at the exact moment can the wicks be checked and straightened. Then, after precisely placing labels and polishing the candle’s glass jar, there’s a final inspection of all details.

Urban Apothecary London believe that only when everything is flawless will our labour of love begin its journey to you, perfectly ready to infuse rooms with mesmerising, luxurious scent

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