Versailles 800g Candle


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Versailles 800g Candle by Trudon
Hand Blown Glass Vessel
Burning Time 110 + hours
Made in France

Versailles and Trudon have shared a common history for over three centuries. As a candle maker of the royal families until the French Revolution, Trudon helped create glorious enchanting moments at the Versailles castle with its candles made in its royal manufacture near Paris. It is because of these historical ties that Versailles naturally gave its name to the new Trudon collection. The Versailles Collection, already iconic with its frozen azure-blue vessel and its both highly floral and refreshing fragrance, captures an atmosphere as refined as it is whimsical: a garden created from scratch to entertain and enchant a king, his court and his friends.

It could even be said that Louis XIV’s favourite feature of Versailles was its gardens, which inspired the only book he ever wrote “Maniere de montrer les jardins de Versailles” This guide to a walk consisting of twenty or so stages, encourages visitors past and present to take full advantage of the multi-sensory, visual, auditory and olfactory experience evoked by Trudon in its Versailles candle. The colour of this candle is azure, a true blue like the sky blue of a fresco, a chromatic link between the palace and its fabulous gardens.

Scent Profile – Peony, Mint, Thyme flower, Rosemary, Linden, Tuberose absolute, Honeysuckle, Oak wood, Blue iris

The wax formulas of the Trudon candles are the source of its exceptional olfactory and burning qualities. When correctly burned, no smoke is emitted from a Trudon candle and no wax is left on the inside of the hand-blown glass.

What makes Trudon candles so special is the fact that they are made with a wax that has been perfected over hundreds of years. The unique wax blend ensures that the candle burns cleaner and longer with exceptional scent diffusion and cleaner burning. The natural waxes also ensure that the candles are more sustainable than synthetic candles. The pure cotton wicks and the fact that Trudon candles contain no pesticides or heavy metals, ensure that the candles are green and safe. Trudon candles are also biodegradable. The paraffin-free wax made with soy oils, rice and copra, ensure that the candle is less harmful than other candles laced with synthetic products and toxins