Terre a Terre Candle




Terre a Terre candle by Trudon
Maître Tseng × Trudon Collection
270g Boxed Candle

Terre à Terre (Earth to Earth), created by Mylène Alran, is mossy, almost peaty. It is at one with the soil: it is dressed in woody notes reminiscent of the freshness of vetiver, cashmere wood and patchouli, as well as notes of undergrowth suggested by an accord between moss and mushroom. Deep and revealing notes of humus, Terre à Terre and its Chinese name directly refer to a rich and fertile land that can feed all living beings.

Scent Profile – Vetiver, Cashmere Wood, Moss, Patchouli

Maître Tseng × Trudon – Trudon collaborates with Master Tseng to conceive a collection of three scented candles celebrating the world of tea and its thousand years of history in China. Yu Hui Tseng comes from a very old Chinese family. She is a descendant of Confucius’ first disciple. As a tea master, she represents both tradition and modernity. Master Tseng spends most of her time in Asia working with exceptional tea producers. More than thirty years ago, she set up her first exploration trips to old tea routes in remote regions, to reach primary forests where precious tea leaves are harvested in extreme conditions. As vigilant as she is demanding, Master Tseng orchestrates each stage of the production of her teas.

Master Tseng has revolutionised tea tasting, creating a new school in both Asia and Europe.

At the heart of Paris’ Latin quarter and in the early 1900s Maître Tseng created Maison des Trois Thés. It has turned into both the largest tea cellar in the world and a sanctuary for connoisseurs and professionals.