Salta La Petite Bougie




Salta La Petite Bougie
La Belle Matieres Collection

Salta La Petite Bougie – Considered by the Chinese as one of the three holy fruits with peach and lemon; the grapefruit was a symbol of prosperity and fertility. Highly prized by the Greeks and the Romans, the grapefruit scent has a crisp freshness: known for its rich earth and unique soil, and the Salta region, with its climate and soil, enhances the citrus’ intensity. Blended with verbena and hyacinth, the grapefruit fragrance is truly aromatic.

Head Notes – Verbena
Heart Notes – Grapefruit
Base Notes – Hyacinth

Burn Time – 10 hours +
Size – 70g
Hand Blown Glass
Made in France

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