Reggio Candle




Reggio Candle
La Belle Matieres collection
‘Hint of Citrus from Calabria’

La Belle Matieres Reggio candle – brought back from Indochina in 1828, the mandarin-tree has since prospered on the occidental banks of the Mediterranean Sea. Facing the Strait of Messina on the Eastern tip of Sicily, it sculpts the Calabrian landscape without a touch of bitterness. The mandarin’s softness hints back to ancient times when its essential oils composed an elegant, perfumed grammar.

Head Notes – Grapefruit
Heart Notes – Mandarin essential oil
Base Notes – Mimosa

Burn Time – 55 hours +
Size – 270g
Hand Blown Glass
Made in France

What makes Cire Trudon candles so special is the fact that they are made with a wax that has been perfected over hundreds of years. The unique wax blend ensures that the candle burns cleaner and longer with exceptional scent diffusion and cleaner burning. The natural waxes also ensure that the candles are more sustainable than synthetic candles. The pure cotton wicks and the fact that Cire Trudon candles contain no pesticides or heavy metals, ensure that the candles are green and safe. Cire Trudon candles are also biodegradable. The paraffin-free wax made with soy oils, rice and copra, ensure that the candle is less harmful than other candles laced with synthetic products and toxins.