Altair Candle | Noel 23


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Altair Candle | Noel 23
Astral Collection by Trudon
270g Boxed Candle
‘Rose & Oud’

Altair Candle | Noel 23 is outstanding, the oud’s presence is intensified by cedarwood, sandalwood and leathery notes; further enhanced with floral notes of rose and peonies. A sought-after raw material for millenaries, oud calls to mind rich palaces and gilding.

Scent Profile – Raspberry, Peony, Agar wood, Sandal wood, Rose, Cedar wood, Leather

For the festive season, Trudon lights up even brighter as it celebrates its 380th anniversary.

Composed of four distinctive perfumes, each scented candle shines bold, glorified with golden rays that echo both the solar power of the Sun King and the rising importance of astronomy as a science.

Unfolding like a shining star, Altaïr marries the strength of oud with the delicateness of rose.

Crafted with care and a unique savoir-faire, the colourful glasses are adorned with gold leaf on the inside: shining through by transparency, a hallo of golden beams surrounds a metallised Trudon emblem. Luminous, Altaïr stands out in a singular glass: gold on the inside, it is covered in silver leaf on the outside.

Burn Time 55 – 60 hours
Made in Normandy, France