Melograno Shower Gel




Melograno Shower Gel
1221 Firenze Collection
250ml Plastic Bottle with flip top Dispenser

The Melograno Shower Gel is created to gently cleanse the skin with the use of vegetal surfactants. The soft foam is perfect for the refreshment of a bath and at the same time protects the characteristics of the skin and maintains the natural hydro-lipidic film.

The Melograno 1221 Edition fragrance is a bouquet of sweet floral oriental notes. The fragrance summons warm, welcoming sensations, an appropriate interpretation of the tree’s symbolic meaning. The pomegranate tree spread from Persia throughout the Mediterranean. It embellished many ancient Egyptian tombs. The pomegranate fruit symbolises many things. It appears in the Song of Songs, in The Odyssey and in ancient folklore, emblematic of fertility and abundance.

Scent Profile – Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Cyclamen, Jasmine, Rose, Ylang-ylang, Hawthorn, Iris, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Fern, Oakmoss, Tobacco Leaves, Patchouli, Amber, Rockrose, Opoponax, Vanilla

Santa Maria Novella began as a herbal apothecary range of medicinal balms and tinctures more than 800 years ago and has a rich, spiritual history. The products were originally created by an order of Italian Dominican monks, who used the herbs and flowers found in the gardens of their monastery just outside Florence to treat the skin ailments of patients in their infirmary. Today the range is loved by supermodels and celebrities alike and many of the formulations remain unchanged since the day they were created. This collection of divine skincare formulations and delicate fragrances has stood the test of time.

In the 18th century, thanks to the efficacy of the many formulas used, the fame of the pharmacy spread world wide.The tradition is being carried on – production is limited and is meticulously controlled. Only the highest quality natural ingredients are used, and the procedures continue the founding fathers’ tradition. The herbs are organically grown and harvested when their balsamic properties are at their peak, at the end of June, early July. Production is now carried out in state of the art premises about 3 kms to the north of Florence. All the products are made here with equipment that has been specially designed and custom built for each specific product. Each product has a particular story, come and discover this beautiful brand for yourself.