La Couleur de la Nuit




La Couleur de la Nuit by Voyages Imaginaires
‘The colour of Night’
75ml refillable eau de Parfum
100% Natural Fragrance
Olfactive Family – Crisp Woods
Perfume Authors – Camille Goutal & Isabelle Doyen

Enigmatic lights in the alleyways,

An exhilarating night walk in the dampness of an Asian night. Elegance in chiaroscuro, a scene from Wong Kar-wai.

On the skin … Tension between bolts of light spouting over a dark, bewitching background.

The aromatic accents of young lavender, transcended by elegant geranium, then an exhilarating journey as the coolness gives way to sweetness, flitting near voluptuous vanilla, warm and woody fir balsam and dark patchouli.

Head Notes – Lavender
Heart Notes – Rose Geranium
Base Notes – Vanilla, Patchouli, Fir Balsam

Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen, longtime partners in perfumery, ardent fans of natural materials, have espoused the wild adventure of creating 100% all natural perfumes in organic wheat alcohol in order to sublimate them to abstraction inside fine and unique creations. Their inspiration? The voyage, real or imaginary. To the land of magnified ingredients, of a hidden memory, of a dreamy destination. For these creators, the escape must feel complete, and the scent as bewitching on the female skin as on the male.

Camille Goutal was a decoration and studio photographer before turning her hand to perfume. She “uses all her senses at once”. She learned to become a nose alongside Isabelle Doyen, initially by weighing her formulas in their shared laboratory. She has a “very visual approach to creation” and has overseen the artistic direction of Voyages Imaginaires. All the photographs are hers. With Isabelle, she has created many perfumes for Goutal, including Songes, Mon Parfum Chéri and Ambre Fétiche, which she is particularly fond of.

As a professor at ISIPCA, Isabelle Doyen has trained lots of perfumers, including Francis Kurkdjian and Mathilde Laurent. An independent perfume designer, she worked with Annick Goutal from the age of 26 and never left her side. It was at this time that she met her daughter, Camille, who is “like a niece” to her. Isabelle describes herself as an “enthusiastic sponge”, drawing her inspiration from her love of reading, painting exhibitions, and offbeat tastes for a conductor, dancer, pianist and two lyrical singers whose performances she assiduously follows. Her creations include L’Antimatière and Turtle Vetiver for Les Nez, Nuit de Bakélite by Naomi Goodsir, and Ce Soir ou Jamais designed together with Annick Goutal.