Vixi by Trudon Parfums
100ml Eau de Parfum
Olfactive Family – Woody Aromatic
Perfume Author – Emile Bouge

VIXI, Latin for who is living.

A new addition to the collection of Trudon perfumes, Vixi brings forward a fresh, aromatic, and woody note.

A journey towards light, Vixi reveals the spiritual strength of a Nepalese sandalwood, the sacred nature of sage, the freshness of bitter orange petit grain natural oil and the flowery perfume of jasmine essence. Experienced nose Emile Bouge imagined Vixi like a flow of life filled with clarity, an exploration of inner light. Featuring precious Nepalese sandalwood, praised by oriental philosophies, and sage, used for purification rituals, Vixi welcomes a renaissance, a regenerative scent filled with wisdom.

Scent Profile – Italian Petitgrain Absolute, Cardamon Absolute, Nepalese Organic Sandalwood, Balkan Sage Absolute, Indian Jasmine, Virginian Cedarwood

Simply named TRUDON, the new perfume line still claims references to religion, royalty and revolution. And yet breaks free from them. Highly praised perfumers – Lyn Harris, Emile Bouge, Antoine Lie and Yann Vasnier – infuse the Trudon 1643 collection with rich historical notes that are meaningful today. They composed five contemporary chapters: in each one, noble, natural ingredients take centre stage. Neither feminine nor masculine, the perfumes contain an olfactory complexity that hints at a character rather than a gender.

It is part of Cire Trudon’s ethos to collaborate with different talents, promote creative freedom and showcase different expertise. Handpicking three perfumers was therefore a deliberate choice and despite each perfumer’s singular approach, a strong statement runs through this first collection of Trudon 1643. Individually given a brief, each nose was taken to a Parisian landmark; chosen for its evocative meaning; each venue catalysed singular ideas and sources of inspiration.