Trudon Parfums Coffret




Trudon Parfums Coffret
5 x 15ml Eau de Parfum

The Trudon Parfums Coffret offers the perfect travel size in 5 of its most popular scents.

Olfactive Family – Green
Perfume Author – Pauline Deltour

Aphélie stands out in a unique manner; like an aphelion – the orbital point at which a celestial object is furthest from the sun – she lights up. Mysterious, Aphélie is connected to the cosmos: subject to the laws of attraction, she makes one with nature. A feminine character in chiaroscuro, she ties together infinite wilderness with the ephemeral nature of the human condition.

Head Notes – Rose essence, green ivy
Heart Notes – Blackcurrant bud, moss
Base Notes – Sandalwood, Tonka bean

Deux II
Olfactive Family – Woods
Perfume Author – Lyn Harris

‘A green note that unites’

Deux II is about new beginnings’ the life of a forest that permeates through the seasons. It is sensually symbiotic, bringing elements together; a Cologne that inspires and points at a magical place.

Deux II is the alliance par excellence, the unique link that ties two beings together.

Head Notes – Green Leaves, Orange Bigarade
Heart Notes – Pine, Pepper, Juniper
Base Notes – Cedar, Incense, Ambroxan, Cashmeran


Olfactive Family – Floral Amber
Perfume Author – Yann Vasnier

Elae is an extremely feminine, bathed in light and freshness. The young, white flowers are blended with sensual balms. On your skin, Elae will glide from light to balmy notes.

Head Notes – Apple, Bergamot, Neroli
Heart Notes – Tuberose, Ylang-ylang, Egyptian Jasmine
Base Notes – Australian Sandalwood, Laos Benzoin, Akigala Wood

Olfactive Family – Citrus
Perfume Author – Yann Vasnier

Medie eau de parfum has a freshness that runs on the skin, leaving a desirable trace of amber and leather on the surface.

On your skin, Medie will reveal amber notes after light-headed hesperides.

Head Notes – Grapefruit, Mandarin
Heart Notes – Pepperwood, Jasmine
Base Notes – Frankincense, Cedarwood, Akigala Wood

Olfactive Family – Amber
Perfume Author – Yann Vasnier

‘A mystical presence, deep-rooted and spicy’

Mortel is inspired by the artist, living between shadow and light, is a mortal creature. Halfway between the religious and the revolutionary, with an unquenched thirst for eternity. Mortel is a revolutionary drive that combines virile force and natural harmonies. A fatal attraction.

Head Notes – Black Pepper, Pimento, Nutmeg
Heart Notes – Somalian Frankincense, Incense, Virginian Cedarwood
Base Notes – Labdanum, Myrrh, Benzoin