Orangea 18ml




Orangea by Profumum Roma
18ml Extrait de Parfum
Olfactive Family – Classical Citrus

Smelling Orangea for the first time is instantly uplifting and a bit surreal as if we turned a street corner and all of a sudden, instead of more streets and buildings, we find ourselves in the middle of an orange grove decked in its full white flowered, sweet fragrant splendor. The freshness is immediate and lively, like citrus cordial drunk from a really cold glass. But it’s the honeyed petaled beauty of the orange blossom that steals the show with its intense, head spinning magic. Breathe it in deeply, this is the scent of life!

Olfactive Scent Profile – Bergamot, Petitgrain, Mint, Cedar Leaves

Directly from Rome we bring you Profumum Roma, a family owned niche perfume brand that make their scent in oil base. The story begins with Celestino and Lucia Durante who after the Second World War decided to move from a small town called Sant’Elena Sannita to Rome. Coming from a family with a long artisan tradition, they used their skills to open a tiny storefront selling interesting fragrances, hand made soaps and other beauty products. From these humble beginnings the business grew into a chain of shops that quickly became a reference point for luxury personal care in the city.

The skill and craftsmanship were passed on through the generations of the Durante family and in 1996 Celestino and Lucia’s grandchildren expanded the business by creating a line of exclusive fragrances. The Profumum Roma scents are exquisitely crafted to evoke the emotions and memories of their beloved Italy. Inspiration has come from an eclectic mix of Italian motifs including stories of Rome, iconic vacation islands and even a delicious local pastry shop. The resultant scents though seductively layered, are wonderfully simple at heart.