Les Icones Discovery Set




Les Icones Discovery Set by Parle Moi de Parfum
6 x 2ml Eau de Parfum

The Les Icones discovery set allows you to discover a perfume and wear it for a few days before choosing a new olfactory signature. This is how Parle Moi create fragrances, each test is worn, then the formula is refined until the final balance is reached.

Parle Moi’s “Les Icons” discovery set allows you to receive six iconic creations in 2ml glass bottles with a spray atomiser.

The discovery set includes –

  • Une Tonne de Roses
  • Totally White
  • Guimauve de Noël
  • Orris Tattoo
  • Papyrus Oud
  • Mile High

Parle Moi de Parfum is all about family. Benjamin Almairac grew up with the stories about perfume that his father brought home from work. He dreamt of creating a venue right in the centre of Paris where the public could discover the finest fragrances that Michel Almairac had always dreamed of creating and staging. It was absolutely obvious! I was steeped in perfume when I was a boy. It was difficult to miss!

Together with Elisabeth, his mother, and Romain, his brother, he designed a space for witnessing the creation of a perfume and discovering that combination of magic and technique, of disconcerting ease and maddening complexity, that Michel describes when talking about his work.

The brand name is a clear declaration of intent: to talk about perfume and nothing else.