Naomi Goodsir Discovery Set


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Naomi Goodsir Discovery Set
5 x 2ml Eau de Parfum

The discovery set is the ideal way to try the Naomi Goodsir collection before committing to a full sized bottle.

Bois D’Ascese

Bois d Ascese is a captivating and reassuring woody incense fragrance with notes of tobacco and whiskey. Supported by cinnamon, amber and Cistus Labdanum. The Oakmoss, smoked cade wood, almost burnt, prolong the incense of Somalia with power and elegance.

Head Notes – Mandarin
Heart Notes – Tobacco, Incense, Labdanum
Base Notes – Cade Wood, Oak

Cuir Velours

A deep and textured perfume, Cuir Velours evocatively encases the skin like soft velvet suede. A tobacco atmosphere supported by notes of rum, cistus labdanum, incense and fleur d’immortelle. Leather overloaded with spice and stone fruit.

Head Notes – Fleur d’Immortelle
Heart Notes – Tobacco, Rum, Incense
Base Notes – Leather

Iris Cendre

A fresh floral tone, Iris Cendre is led by bergamot, tangerine and spices. A rich incense and powdery heart of violet and iris. Sensuality is enhanced by cistus, tobacco and amber.

Head Notes – Bergamot, Tangerine, Spices
Heart Notes – Iris, Violet Leaves, Incense
Base Notes – Amber, Cistus Labdanum, Tobacco

Nuit de Bakerlite

Nuit de Bakelite is our interpretation of the nocturnal flower tuberose. It hints the premise (seed) of a narcotic lady – Green, obsessive & addictive.

“Tuberose sap, peeled tuberose, tuberose in a cage made of green and leather, a focus on the small peduncle that connects the flower to the stem, the sound of plastic when several stalks of tuberose tangle, the wild majesty of the Persian tuberose’ – Isabelle Doyen.

Head Notes – Galbanum
Heart Notes – Tuberose, Bakelite Accord
Base Notes – Cistus Labdanum

Or du Serail

Or du Serail is a gourmand and textured perfume, evocative of a golden tobacco. An ambery, woody, musky and greedy composition.

Head Notes – Cistus, Apple and red fruits, Mango, Rum, Sweet Orange, Davana, Sage
Heart Notes – Beeswax, Coco, Geranium, Ylang-ylang, Turkish Tobacco, Amber
Base Notes – Labdanum, Oak Tree, Cedar wood, Musk, Vanilla, Mate