Iris Pallida




Iris Pallida by MarieJeanne Grasse
100ml Eau de Parfum – 28% concentration
Olfactive Family – Woods
Perfume Author – Sidonie Lancesseur

A beautiful dedication to iris and the alluring woody powdery aroma extracted from its rhizomes. Rhizomes are the flower’s creeping root-stalks which it sends under the ground to spread around.

It takes about 1000 kg of dry rhizomes (carefully dried and cured for 4 years) to produce just 2 kg of iris butter (also called orris).

It’s truly precious – MarieJeanne spent about a year going through 160 attempts before arriving at their perfect blend of several iris extracts: butter of iris Florentina and iris Pallida and absolute of iris Germanica. Absolutes are derived from butter to achieve a fresher character.

Their goal was to create a modern, refined iris perfume and to depart from dated powdery violet interpretations.

Very few perfume houses have access to the ingredients of the same caliber that Marie Jeanne have used so generously in their Iris Pallida. The perfume is 28% strong, very diffusive but at the same time tantalisingly delicate.

The crown jewel of the formula, the blend of orris extracts, is set on a pedestal of sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver. Iris Pallida is an elegant and sensual modern iris perfume, meticulously blended from the most refined raw materials available to perfumers at the moment.

The finest iris butter absolute is used to create a concise formula in which essences of sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver offers the foundation of a modernised iris with a fresh hazelnut inflection. Cashmeran, musks and ambroxan add density to the notes and brings sensuality and complexity for a contemporary scent.

Scent Profile – Iris Absolute, Hazelnut Accord, Cashmeran, Pallida Iris Butter (Turkey and Italy), Rose (Turkey), Sandalwood (New Caledonia), Labdanum (Spain), Patchouli, Ambroxan

To offer the best perfume, MarieJeanne is involved in every step of the process from the planting to the final fragrance. Enhanced with natural essential oils that are carefully sourced, each one has its own originality. The entire production is hand produced in limited quantities in Grasse.

As Part of the intangible cultural heritage site by UNESCO since 2018, Grasse is the world capital of perfume. It is internationally known for its emblematic flowers: the tuberose, the jasmine grandiflorum and the centifolia rose.
Born in Grasse, Georges Maubert has been immersed in the world of perfume since his childhood, and is conscious of the treatment of each local flower, right up to the composition of scents. He is part of the fifth generation of the Robertet company, world leader in natural raw materials. Since 1850, his family has worked in the perfume industry as farmers, chemists, perfumers, and sourcing experts. This ancestral knowledge has been mastered and developed to offer you the most beautiful fragrances.

Since his youth, Georges has been aware of the numerous scents of the Grasse region, especially those of the rose fields and the orange blossom fougassettes of the Maison Venturini. He enjoyed wandering in the Robertet laboratories and playing the apprentice chemist whilst weighing ‘magical formulas’ with the laboratory technicians.

At the age of 14, he did his first internship at the Chanel creation laboratory supervised by the perfumers Jacques Polge and François Demachy. This enriching experience confirmed his interest in the world of perfume. Then, in parallel with his studies at the Instituto Marangoni, he worked as a marketing assistant for the Robertet group in Paris.