No XIII Candle




No XIII Candle by Marc-Antoine Barrois
220g boxed Candle
Perfumed Candle created by Quentin Bisch

13 Galerie Vero-Dodat in Paris. An address. A cocoon. A shelter on the edge of the city.
A candle as a tribute

A smell as a gift which comforts
Soothing fragrance of burnished furniture
Of a cottage in the country
Crackling fall
The burnished wood warming the heart
Vague recollection of the workshop of an instrument maker Honey of peace and serenity
Delight of resin and noble woods
Sandalwood… gaiac wood… incense…
Holy perfume of childhood
A place to cuddle
Comforting flame
Miracle of generosity
The quilted softness of a shelter
That we like to bring along with us.

For the candles, we have chosen a wax 60% natural and 40% mineral, palm oil and GM free, so we take advantage of both waxes : natural one returns more fragrance when cold and mineral one when hot. Also this mix reduces soot emissions. Lastly the cotton wicks have been sized so it allows a regular burning of the candle.

The fragrances of the Maison Marc-Antoine Barrois are the result of the meeting of two young designers. One is a couturier, the other a perfumer. Their childhood memories brought them together. Remembering captivating smells; of the leather from an elegant attaché case or an immaculate desk blotter; of the distinct smells of wood during the regular gather-ring of fuel to warm the family home. The artistic skills of the former and the olfactory talent of the latter together sparked the magic of these beautiful fragrances.

The candles are made in France.