Ganymede Extrait




Ganymede Extrait by Marc-Antoine Barrois
50ml Parfum Extrait
Olfactive Family – Woods | Spicy | Leather
Perfume Author – Quentin Bisch

Ganymede Extrait name is inspired by Jupiter’s immense satellite, which is also known to be full of craters and to have an underground ocean vaster than all of earth’s oceans put together. The perfume’s creators, Marc-Antoine Barrois and Quentin Bisch, have imagined it here in a world with an atmosphere brimming with aromatics that it becomes combustible: its sky is gleaming with the sour spike of mandarin and the holy fumaroles of incense and myrrh. It’s a planet covered with warm velvet dunes where the spicy and caramelised everlasting flower is preponderant. The fiery heart of this fragrance reminds us that the gods gave Ganymede eternal life so that his beauty would never fade. Is it the smouldering skin hidden underneath the wild leather? This precious perfume extract is as much a sophisticated perfume as a carnal one.

Ganymede Extrait unfolds in its dizzying trail the seduction of great Classics.

The sound of the waves from far away. The wind is sweeping a field of everlasting flowers. The sun heats the spicy, almost syrupy scent of these yellow flowers. The waves are caressing the dune.

The wind picks up the sand into warm, leathery, heady gusts of incense and myrrh. Grains of sand are twirling, incandescent. The rock is flushing, the Akigalawood and Mandarin bring minerals and freshness. The air becomes… captivating.

Scent Profile – Immortelle (Everlasting Flower), Incense, Myrrh, Safraleine, Akigalawood, Mandarin

As for our other perfumes, Ganymede Extrait was formulated by perfumer Quentin Bisch. Everything, including packaging, is 100% made in France to reduce our ecological footprint. There is no use of preservative or any UV filters in Ganymede Extrait.

We recycle as much as we can, especially in our shipments’ wedging. We do not use plastic wrapping for over 3 years.
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