Maison Crivelli Discovery Set


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Maison Crivelli Discovery Set
10 x 1.5ml Samples
Eau de parfum

Sensorial explorations, unexpected adventures. Unplanned movements, contrasting encounters. Nature, liberty, authenticity. Surprising sounds, tastes, scents and textures. Careful selections, innovative associations: seven creations, seven revelations. Your own experience: discover, smell, feel and share.

Try all 10 fragrances from the Maison Crivelli collection and discover your favourite

Maison Crivelli Discovery Set comprises: Santal Volcanique – Fleur Diamantine – Papyrus Moleculaire – Rose Saltifolia – Absinthe Boreale – Citrus Batikanga – Bois Datchai – Iris Malikan – Lys Solaberg – Osmanthe Kodoshan

Maison Crivelli is a French niche perfume brand created by Thibaud Crivelli in 2018.  By calling on all the senses and offering an innovative exploration of fragrance, Maison Crivelli’s ambition is to surprise each of us and enable us to finally understand how and why perfume is so captivating. “It is this conviction that drove visionary founder Thibaud to launch Maison Crivelli”Take a moment and go back to the essentials for a sensorial and personal interpretation of perfume, in what promises to be a revelation.

Maison Crivelli has chosen minimalist and eco-responsible packaging to reduce waste. The glass bottles are produced in France and Spain. The boxes and cases are designed using FSC paper and contain no plastics. The cellophane used to protect the perfumes is produced from wood cellulose, which is biodegradable and compostable.

Maison Crivelli invites you to focus on a quality experience: take a moment to really understand the perfume, perceive its beauty and give it meaning. Also, take a moment to see the world from a new angle. The natural raw materials used come from identified plantations that have been carefully selected. Certain raw materials are harvested according to a sustainable development policy.

The Maison Crivelli supply network continually evolves in order to maintain a constant level of quality.