Oud Laqué




Oud Laqué by Les Bains Guerbois
Formes & Matières Collection
100ml Eau de Parfum – Woody / Floral
Olfactive Family – Mathieu Nardin

A game of mirrors. Veined, gleaming, warm, exotic, precious:
At Les Bains Paris, our silhouettes are reflected in the lavishly lacquered wood. Spaces within a mythical place.
A trail of perfume. Spiritual potency. Radiant evanescence. Dark sensuality.
Cardamom, Dried fruits, Geranium, natural leather, Clove, Gurjum, Benzoin. Synesthesia.

Lend a fragrance to matter, a colour to vowels, stir emotions. Blur the senses.

Head Notes – Cardamom, Dried fruits
Heart Notes – Geranium, Natural leather, Clove
Base Notes – Benzoin, Guaiac Wood, Gurjum


The feast of shapes, patterns, and materials seen and felt at 7 rue du Bourg l’Abbé in Paris’ 3rd arrondissement, the iconic home of Les Bains Guerbois since 1885, exemplify the inimitable personality of this historic place. Their evocative poetry rouses revery, comfort, melancholy, contentment, well-being, excitement, joy, and a thousand other emotions. They hypnotise, stimulate, inspire, invigorate, and soothe. The very things a fragrance by Les Bains Guerbois does. Lending scent to materials, a colour to vowels, entangling emotions. Stirring the senses.

The Formes et Matières collection is a synchronous, multi-sensory exploration of the premises, launched in 2022 by Jean-Pierre Marois. The first two fragrances are Oud Laqué, created with the nose Mathieu Nardin, and Damier, with Fanny Bal.