Hero Duo – The Narcotics




Hero Duo – The Narcotics by Kilian Paris
2 x 7.5ml + White Travel Atomiser
Limited Edition

Hero Duo – The Narcotics –  For sublime holiday gifting, Kilian Paris presents a limited-edition collection featuring some of our iconic fragrances in exclusive sets. In this edition, the Hero duo set pairs the icons Good girl gone Bad and Love, don’t be shy, each in a 7.5ml refillable format along with a white lacquered Talisman travel atomiser.

– Good Girl Gone Bad – a floral bouquet with notes of orange blossom, tuberose and osmanthus.
– Love, don’t be shy – a comforting treat with notes of marshmallow, neroli, and orange blossom.

Craftsmanship details:

Ideal for taking your favourite perfume around the world, the Hero Duo set consists of two refillable vials of 7.5ml equivalent to a 15ml refill.

The travel size spray bottles are based on the codes and design of the Kilian Paris perfume bottles. Adorned with a white lacquer, the Talisman is engraved with the Achilles shield on both sides. As Kilian Hennessy says: ‘In perfumery, it’s as much about seduction as it is about protection’.

These details bring to the Kilian Paris creation a guarantee of luxury, that should not be ephemeral, but should last a lifetime. That is why your set can also be refilled indefinitely.