Encens Roi 60ml




Encens Roi by Histoires de Parfums
60ml Eau de Parfum
Olfactive Family – Spicy Wood

Encens Roi is a tribute to the resin of resins – Frankincense

The most excellent offering burnt by humanity for nearly five millennia, a bridge between matter and non-matter, the tenuous and fragrant veil between the profane and the sacred, tears of the Egyptian gods and tears of the Earth itself, the purest and most quintessential expression of the vital thunder that animates and holds the continents together. Frankincense captivates, uplifts, soothes – illuminates. From the spice-filled shores of ancient India to the sumptuous, smoke-filled naves of Gothic basilicas; from the coronation of Babylonian kings to the birth of Christ; from the summits of the Omani Hojar to the desert plains of Somalia; from Cleopatra to Alexander, from Ulysses to Salome, from the pharaohs to the centuries awaiting to be fulfilled, Frankincense is the crossroads of peoples, the junction of civilisations that time and language and war have long kept apart.

Drawing from both the historical and legendary aspects of this mother-resin, Encens Roi starts with the raw material and grows into an allegory, bringing together the unparalleled clarity of Olibanum with the addictive creaminess of White Cacao on an ascetic and regal framework of Oud and Saffron.

Scent Profile –  Olibanum CO2*, Roman Chamomile, Schinus Molle, Saffron, Pimento Berry CO2*, Atlas Cedarwood, White Cacao, Oud, Cistus & Vanilla

Under fruity and herbaceous rays of Roman Chamomile, the mineral and zesty sparkle of Olibanum meets the woody and almost salty freshness of Schinus Molle, together evoking the crackling bark of Incense Trees and their resin, passively exuding their resinous effluvia in scorching desert winds. Drawn by an uplifting yet carnal Atlas Cedarwood, Saffron unfolds the richness of its leather and tobacco undertones, its sheen and its temper, Turkey-red splatters lit up by spicy embers of Pimento Berry. Olibanum and Saffron, the divine and the profane, the Abrahamic and the Babylonian, each enriching their song, one with the mystical, ecstatic, mystagogic darkness of Oud and the balsamic warmth of Cistus; the other with decadent and overdosed accents of White Cacao and Vanilla, regressive, impious and gourmand. Interlaced billows of sweet and cold smokes; a path of pleasure and a path of enlightenment; the resin of gods and of princes: Encens Roi tells the tales of a Humanity that has never ceased to hope.