Hiram Green Discovery Set


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Hiram Green Discovery Set
7 x 1ml Eau de Parfum

Discover the entire collection.

The Hiram Green Discovery set includes a sample of each perfume giving you the opportunity to sample a selection and find your favourites.

The Hiram Green Discovery set includes: Arbolé, Hyde, Lustre, Moon Bloom, Slowdive and Vivacious
7 x 1ml in box

A Peony exclusive in Australia

Canadian born perfumer Hiram Green has been creating handcrafted perfumes since 2013, using the finest natural ingredients. His perfumes challenge the often-heard criticism that natural perfumery is boring, fast fleeing and his creations contain less sillage than traditional perfumery.

A founder of the Scent Systems perfumery in London, Green’s interest in natural perfumery developed after learning about the synthetic ingredients of which most perfumes are comprised. Seeking an alternative, Green relocated to the Netherlands, where he creates fragrances entirely from natural components and offers them in small batches to his customers.

Hiram Green perfumes are best described as intense, expressive and opulent. This is in part due to the precious and sometimes extremely costly natural ingredients that he travels far and wide to obtain. The perfumes rich colours come from these ingredients therein and give the bottles their jewel-like appearance.

Inspiration for a perfume could come from anything: from music to art to travel or a Country An abstract idea is then slowly, and with extreme care and precision, translated into something tangible. It is not uncommon for Hiram to make hundreds of trials over the course of several years before settling on his final formula.

The range currently consists of six eau de parfums that are available in 50ml and 1ml sample vials. All perfumes are 100% natural, vegan (with the exception of beeswax absolute in Slowdive) and free of GMO. Nothing is tested on animals. Everything is developed and produced in small batches in Hiram’s studio in Gouda, The Netherlands.

The perfumes have been praised by experts and enthusiasts. In 2019, leather-themed fragrance Hyde won the Art & Olfaction Artisan award. This international award celebrates excellence in independent, artisan and experimental perfumery.