Fort & Manle Discovery Set


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Fort & Manle Discovery Set

The Fort & Manle discovery set contains 10 x 1.5ml of the following scents boxed.

  • Mr Bojnokopff’s Purple Hat
  • Charlatan
  • Maduro
  • Confessions of a Garden Gnome
  • Amber Absolutely
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmed
  • Harem Rose
  • Suleyman Le Magnifique
  • Impressions De Giverny
  • Forty Thieves

Fort & Manlé is an independent, artisanal perfume house based in Melbourne, which is founded and wholly owned by perfumer, Rasei Fort. The House is an amalgamation of minds, ideas, ideals and spirit.

In an attempt to strive for scent perfection, using predominantly the most refined and exquisite naturals, botanicals and absolutes, the perfumer aims to transport the user, whisking them away on a sumptuous, olfactive journey to the most exotic locales on the planet, to be truly enveloped by naturally authentic and vivid scent.