Bojnokopff by Fort & Manlé
50ml Eau de Parfum
Olfactive Family – Woody Amber
Perfume Author – Rasei Fort

Smokey rooms tucked away behind posh clubs in 1897 St Petersburg conjure images of dedicated followers of magic. Kerosene lamp light in the haze of tobacco and ornate mirrors creates the scene for the perfect illusion. Dark and hypnotic, his voice is calm and deep. “Tsilindr.” A single word, as he removes his famous purple top hat and lowers it down again, gently atop his head.

Mysterious, yet delicate. This inspired blend conjures a full and rich western sensibility with its masterful shades of French Lavender and Vanilla atop depths of rich chocolate and unctuous textures. The greatest finale happens when the man is gone and we still feel his presence, embodied forever in a singular object, the purple top hat that inspired this namesake fragrance.

The great Mr. Bojnokopff
His whereabouts are always known
By those who have had the pleasure
To hear his voice and feel
The mystery of his greatest trick
To be remembered without being seen.
Is it real or just an illusion?

Scent Profile – French lavender, Vanilla, Dark chocolate, Oud, Cedarwood

Fort & Manlé is an independent, artisanal perfume house which is founded and wholly owned by the perfumer, Rasei Fort. The House is an amalgamation of minds, ideas, ideals and spirit.

In an attempt to strive for scent perfection, using predominantly the most refined and exquisite naturals, botanicals and absolutes, the perfumer aims to transport the user, whisking them away on a sumptuous, olfactive journey to the most exotic locales on the planet, to be truly enveloped by naturally authentic and vivid scent.