Creation Set Trio 02




Creation Set Trio 02
Eau de Parfum
3 x 8ml EDP + pipette + empty blending bottle
The Essential Collection
Perfume Author – Emmanuelle Moeglin

The Creation Sets offer a selection of our Essential blendable fragrances specially designed to help you experiment and create your own fragrance at home.

Blend our Essentials Eau de Parfum together in endless possible combinations to create a signature scent truly tailored to you, by you.

Each Creation Set contains a set of three fragrances and a personal blending bottle. Experiment by blending together our Essentials Eau de Parfum in different combinations to create a signature scent personal to you.

Creation Set 02 contains a trio of our fragrances and all the equipment you need to blend them together.

Kit Contents –

Top – Fig / Neroli Eau de Parfum (8ml)
Mid – Rose / Rhubarb Eau de Parfum (8ml)
Base – Amber / Iris Eau de Parfum (8ml)
1 x pipette
Empty blending bottle (8ml, marked at every ml for ease of blend)
A step-by-step blending guide

A collection of fine fragrances that can be worn alone or blended together to create a signature scent personalised to your own taste.

Being eco-conscious has always been at the heart of what we do at Experimental Perfume Club. We don’t like unnecessary packing or waste and we do our best to source our ingredients and manufacture responsibly. That’s why we keep the use of plastic in our products to a bare minimum and don’t cello wrap our boxes.

Our long-term goal is to reduce production significantly and enable consumers to reuse their packaging again and again, we’ll even reward them for doing so. That’s why we’ve launched our sustainable refill service for the more eco-conscious among us. Each full size bottle can be returned to us here at the lab and refilled for half the price. Peony will be launching this service early 2021.

We create fragrance that are also vegan and cruelty-free and are certified by Peta.