Rose & Dragon




Rose & Dragon by Carner Barcelona
The Black Collection
50ml Eau de Parfum
Olfactive Family – Floral Oriental
Perfume Author – Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Inspired by the Catalan legend of St. George slaying the dragon to save the princess.

Rose & Dragon  – from the ground where the blood of the dragon lay grew a rose bush.

Head Notes – Saffron, Cumin, Wild Strawberry, Cinnamon Leaves
Heart Notes – Bulgarian Rose, Manuka Honey Blossom, Frankincense
Base Notes – Castoreum, Leather, Amber, Labdanum

Carner Barcelona is a lifestyle perfume brand that brings you the contemporary spirit of Barcelona. We love its Mediterranean soul, it’s history, culture, art and design and this is what we want to convey with our fragrances; it’s spirit, our lifestyle. We make high-end perfumes, genuine and qualitative creations for those that, like us, love fragrances and everything that they can make us feel.

Nothing is left to chance; wood, the DNA of the brand, is visually represented in the solid cap of our bottles. Wood caps sourced from sustainably managed European forests, handcrafted and engraved individually in Barcelona.

We rely on the expertise and dedication of our local manufacturers, as we believe it is the only way we can infuse the brand with the Mediterranean culture we stand for.

The elegant glass bottle is an ode to the contemporary spirit of Barcelona. Clean lines and black and white colours portray the simplicity and effortless attitude of living along the Mediterranean Coast.