Figue Soleil Candle


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Figue Soleil Candle by Maison Rebatchi
Perfumed Candle
Created by Karine Chevallier

Figue Soleil is a fragrance that evokes the serenity of a Mediterranean summer day, lulled by birds singing and warm light.

Olfactory notes – fig, crushed leaves, tuberose, clove, orange blossom, white flowers

The porcelain vessel used for the Figue Soleil Candle was created in collaboration with the company Artoria Limoges. Technical and artistic know how since 1920. In 2007 Artoria gets the label ‘Living Heritage Company’.

50% vegetal wax / 50% food grade paraffin
Motif designed by Pierre and Jules Dinand
15% perfume concentration
Certified toxic free by European standards

250g Limoges vessel – 60 hours + burn time

Maison Rebatchi describes the contrast of its childhood between a Parisian suburb and Algiers: multiculturality. A fresh take on the independent perfumery market, which is young, accessible and high qualitative at the same time.

Some of the greatest names in perfumery helped Mohamed Rebatchi make his dream come true, conferring credibility to his project. Given free rein, each perfumer took inspiration from a raw material, an accord, a memory or even a specific atmosphere to create a fragrance dedicated to and embodying the spirit of Maison Rebatchi. An invisible link naturally unfolded between the multicultural origins of Mohamed Rebatchi, a bridge between France and the Near East. Also, the founder has surrounded himself with the best designers, master wax makers and craftsmen, capable of forging the elegant and timeless universe he dreamed so much of.