Discovery Set – Detox




The Amly Discovery and Travel set – Detox – With a vibrant and fresh scent, this is a re-energising and clarifying unisex kit that detoxifies and protects from air travel, urban and screen pollution. Complexion protection.

The Discovery Set – Detox includes miniatures of

They come with a delicate organic muslin face cloth in a chic eco wash bag made from vegan-friendly recycled paper blended with fibres made from recycled PET bottles. Each bag is lined with cotton and is lightweight, flexible, waterproof and 100% recyclable.

The Amly Story –

Co-founders Lisa Smallpeice and Kerry Moore knew that by weaving together their individual areas of expertise and knowledge they could create a very special and deeply effective beauty and wellbeing line unlike any other.

Lisa and Kerry instil and apply sensitivity and respect to everything that’s involved in the making of their award-winning natural beauty line: from the plants to the people; from the botanical alchemy to the low-impact packaging, in the knowledge that one part is only truly effective within the whole.

We consider it to be a huge honour to be custodians of this ancient land. From generation to generation it has been lovingly preserved, and to this day remains in its natural state and completely untouched by pesticides.

When we first arrived at Hawthbush Farm we found an enchantment. Something about the wild abundance of healing plants, the soft floral scents drifting through the air, and the spirit of this place captured our hearts.

We are in a unique position to be able to work so closely with the family of healing botanicals and plants that flourish here at the farm. The purity of the soil they grow in means we can harness their full healing potential, from petal to root.