Le Dieu Bleu 30ml




Le Dieu Bleu by Astier de Villatte
Trois Parfums Historiques Collection
30ml Eau de Parfum
Olfactive Family – Floral | Amber (Oriental)
Perfume Author – Dominique Ropion

Le Dieu Bleu is based on the oldest perfume in the world, unique and mysterious, used more than 3000 years ago in ancient Egypt, recreated by Dominique Ropion.

Rising from the depths of the Egyptian age, 4000 BC, Le Dieu Bleu exhales its divine and mysterious perfume like a trace from a supernatural past. Destined for the gods, its heady scents of aromatic herbs, sap, roots and bark were intended to establish mediation with the powers of beyond.

Meticulously reconstructed today by Dominique Ropion, this marvellous, vibrant, intoxicating, radiant scents transport us immediately to the colourful splendours of the temples and frescoes of ancient Egypt. Here merges the intense warmth of honeyed Broom flower, mystical and heady myrrh that flows from the tree in spicy yet sweet white tears; rustic Lentisk or balm of Gilead, fresh and green; and calamus (opoponax), with its astonishing scent of herbs, spices and wood, that grows in dense clumps on the peaceful banks of the Nile.

Scent Profile – Broom, Myrrh, Calamus, Lentisk

A book comes with each box purchased. Printed on the Astier de Villatte typographic presses, it retraces the epic story of the three historic perfumes. Bilingual texts in French and English by Annick Le Guérant, Sophie Mazeaud and Lionel Paillès. An interview with the Astier de Villatte team and perfumer Dominique Ropion completes this book. Illustrated by the artist Eva Jospin.

Les Trois Parfums Historiques: Le Dieu Bleu, Artaban, Les Nuits. These perfumes are the result of a meeting between Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte, the creators of Astier de Villatte, Dominique Ropion, perfumer, and Annick Le Guérer, perfume historian, anthropologist and researcher. All of them driven by the same passion: to restore the prestige of three mythical and magnificent fragrances — Le Dieu bleu (Egyptian kyphi), Artaban (the Roman “royal perfume”), Les Nuits (the perfume of George Sand) — by reconstituting as closely as possible the formulas of the time according to the regulations of today’s perfumery.

Star perfumer at IFF, Dominique Ropion pulled out all the stops in the reconstitution of these three formulas, a perilous exercise considering their richness and complexity. His close collaboration of more than twenty years with Annick Le Guérer was the starting point of the project. The historian provided him with precise documents for the first two perfumes, right down to recipes and the proportions of each ingredient, as well as dregs from the bottom of a travel phial of George Sand’s perfume, entrusted by one of her descendants, Christiane Sand. Ingredients which no longer complied with and are prohibited by current perfumery standards had to be adapted or replaced with substitutes. State-of-the-art technology and innovation made this artistic and technical challenge possible.

These three fragrances were produced at the Atelier du Parfumeur in Grasse using 100% natural raw materials, essences and concretes, as well as new aromas