Peony is located in the leafy suburb of Hawthorn in Melbourne, Victoria and opened its doors in 2003. Set in Auburn Village, a shopping strip characterised by impressive, well preserved Victorian buildings with a European feel.  Auburn Village was the first strip shopping retail precinct in Melbourne dating back to the 1850’s.

We have carefully curated a collection of historical and contemporary brands from some of the world’s finest perfume houses. Peony offers a warm inviting space to browse, linger and indulge your senses. If you require a specialised perfume consultation, we are always here to guide you. Peony doesn’t present fragrance with a gender, so there is no separate men’s or women’s section of perfume – we encourage you to wear whatever you like.

Our Slow Perfume philosophy is to further nurture and showcase brands that embrace –

  • sustainable and Fair Trade practices
  • social change
  • environmental impact
  • finest quality natural ingredients
  • respect the creative process
  • transparency of brand and ingredients

We are very proud of our relationships with the brands we select for our store. We do not support Grey Market or Parallel importing – all our products are authentic and sourced from authorised distributors or direct from the brands themselves.